Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, November 7, 2008

Massa is F1 2008 World Champion

Consider this ;

Massa won 6 compared to Hamilton's 5 wins.
Ferrari won the constructors championship and won 8 races.

And everybody thinks Hamilton is the world champion and will have the number one car ?

Think !

Viva Ferrari !

Monday, June 23, 2008

Celtics and Pacman are no 1

After 22 years the Celtics have finally nailed it.

A lot of experts have said that the Lakers will win the series in these years final.
Most coaches in Manila predicted the Lakers will win because of Kobe and the Zen Master and the early series they had at the west. They were all wrong.

My friends were saying that the Celtics will loose. They were pointed out that despite having the best record in the regular season they had to go to a game 7 with the Hawks, who were the bottom seed at the play offs. They could not even finish Atlanta early, and then had another 7 series with Cleveland and a tough 6 game series with Detroit.
While at the west, LA were well rested did not find any opposition.

I predicted that the Celtics will win in 7 games, they won it on 6 with a 40 plus margin.
These hidden factors why Celtic’s are the new champs;
Danny Aige, this years Executive of the year that build the team.
Sam Cassel, despite his age still give a few sure points when needed, and the rest of the bench was deep despite lacking in All Star quality.
The East is the toughest conference in the NBA that made the Celtics more cohesive.
The long series they had with Atlanta, Cleveland and Detroit made the Celtics dangerous.
Based on the championship series you can see how Boston won their home games and win that decisive one game on the road from a record 24 points behind in game 4 .

I know they will loose Game 5 to take it home.
That was the plan anyway. Win one on the road and not loose at home.
And this time I was right.

And then there was Tiger.
Having not played for months after a knee injury, play par golf and win The US open in extra 19 holes is just unbelievable. Even the best script writers in Hollywood cant write that story. Grimacing on every drive and not hitting the fairways and still win is just pure Legend.

The Euro 08, as football in general is always un predictable.
Who would have thought that France and Portugal will go home so early ?
My last two teams are Netherlands and Italy, and they too are going home.
You can not even predict a game anymore.

I don’t like to predict but Spain will not win it.

Another Ferrari one two in France, wheres BMW? heheh Hamilton does not score and looks good for Ferrari.

Finally Manny Pacquio is now Yahoo!’s number one pound per pound boxer in the world. Cant wait for next weekends fight party at home. Diaz is going down and Hatton is next.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hamilton is plain Stupid !

After hearing the Spanish national anthem for both Moto GP and the French Open last night, the last thing I want, is to hear it again at this morning 's Canadian grand prix. Maybe Alonso can win a an accident marred race. Y ah right.

Anyways, Nadal and Ivanovic were great. Though I am a Sharapova fan I am now mesmerized by Anna Ivanovic. RF could not even win a set last night thats why I think he is not best that ever played the game.

Back to Canada, Lewis Hamilton is just plain stupid in crashing his car behind Kimi on the pits with the red lights on. Remember how he lost his championship at the pit lane entry in last years Chinese GP ? Hamilton deserves a more severe punishment than a ten place penalty. You don't total a car behind a red light.

If this was a few years ago the results last night would have been a Suaber one two, Minardi & BAR scoring some points, Jaguar gets a podium. This is not BMW 1st win because they won countless races before with Williams F1 before. Peter Suaber & Petronas deserves credit for their maiden win.

Euro 08 is still in its early stages but the favorites have performed so far.

The Celtics lead the series at 2-0, and I think they on their way .

Friday, June 6, 2008

NBA, F1, Euro weekend

NBA Game 1

The Celtics and Lakers game 1 at Boston was a trade of baskets for 2 and 3/4 quarters before the Paul Pierce had two consecutive 3 point shots at the end of the 3rd coming from an sprained knee.

The fourth quarter showed the single dimension game of LA where you give the ball to Kobe, and let him do the rest.

During the 4th, LA missed at least 7 easy shots, and Kobe dribbling the ball and taking the shot for most of their possessions. Why happened to coach Phil's "triangle offense"?
I saw some prediction from most PBA coaches from the Star and they say LA will win it.
No way ! Celtics will win this one.

Euro 08

The Euro 08 starts this weekend and for three weeks , I need to be awake from midnight to morning to catch the games, I will be supporting Netherlands, Italy and maybe Portugal. Like the "world cup" football tournaments are hard to predict.


Another midnight race for the Canadian Grand prix this weekend. Its mid season and Ferrari should not make any mistakes or it would be hard to catch up the grid.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Its the Beer !

For the past two years , the Asian 9 ball tour have been dominated by Taiwan. Some say its not that Tiawan is dominating or the Philippines have been playing bad but its just Chang Jung-Lin is playing exceptionally. He has won all the legs this year.

Incidentally the tour have been sponsored by Guinness since last year. They have been promoting the tour extensively and have come out with a lot of gimmicks just to entice the Asian crowd to see the best in Asia play 9 ball.

Unfortunately the Philippines is not sending its best players to the tour, which receives a wide coverage by ESPN in Asia. The Philippines best players would rather play money games in Manila's pool hall's while sipping an ice cold San Miguel Beer. With the exception of World Champion Alex Pagulayan,r the rest of the RP Guinness team is made up of veterans that have been always there but have come up short of winning the best tournaments in the world. Making it consistently in quarter, semi or even a final does not make them the best pool player in the world. You have to win one.

Up coming talent Joven Bustamante is raw. Guinness even sent out a press release that he goes to church in very tournament and hates the Filipino expats around the world that crowd the tournaments because he is stressed with them since he can understand what they say that adds up to the pressure. I saw him play in the TV table last weekend at Genting Highlands and lost so bad. He needs to focus and play his game, TV table and OfW's and all. !

Since the best 9 ball pool players in the Philippines are supported by San Miguel Beer they are not allowed to play in the Guinness 9 ball tour. There was a time that Two people will welcome you at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Manila on two giant posters, President Arroyo and Efren Bata Reyes holding an ice cold San Miguel Beer.

Who drinks black beer anyway in this islands?

Its in the beer, SanMig Light please !